Monday, November 1, 2010

Giants win the World Series and a zentangle is finished...

Yeah.... the Giants win the world series!  (I have been a Giants fans since I was a kid)... and while watching the last game of the series.... I finished a zentangle and did some background painting in my new journal:
zentangle #37
 new journal....
 working in my living room watching the game...
 ottomans are a great thing!
 and oh yes, you always need your kitty cat to observe your work...
I looked forward to this evening of drawing.... coloring... painting and watching the game.  life is good... what a great evening. My goal is to do the same tomorrow. My arm will probably be sore from physical therapy but... not pain no gain knowing me I will do something... Thanks for looking... need to get ready for bed, check my alarm and set it for 5:45am not 5:45pm like I did last night.


  1. Love the shapes and bright colors!

    What kind of paint are you using?

  2. Love this..reminds me of something me and my mom use to do when I was a little girl...your is much better but it brought back so great pretty.

  3. I've done that--I hate to admit, more than once--set the alarm for PM instead of AM.

    Love your kitty squished into the couch. Yes--we all need a kitty pal to watch us craft and make art! Looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

  4. Yay Giants! Enjoy your zentangle :). Happy AEDM!
    Stay inspired!
    Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

  5. Beautiful colors in your Zentangle. Tha is what I love about baseball. You can do so many other things while you are still watching the game.

    Congrats to the Giants. I am a Phillies Phan so at least I can say we lost to the best.

  6. Great zentangles...the patterns always mesmerize me! I love seeing everyone's art every day :)

  7. I like your journal entry, it's very cool and that's a neat journal you have.

  8. Your work is so lovely!! I also just learned today about watercoloring the pages in advance of using it!! Never thought of that before. Figured I have to paint it in the morning and wait for it to dry. . .

  9. I love how #37 turned out! Great colors.

  10. Fantastic zentangle - very inspiring.

    And I notice you have the same great'Journal Spilling' book as me :-)

    I have a kitten watching me too but he is a little felix lookalike.




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