Wednesday, January 27, 2010

zentangle in the house....

Even though it's not quite February, I decided to do a zentangle along the lines of the theme for the month from Creative Everyday..... so I did a house.  Not sure if anyone else can see it but I can....

A house/home is important.... it holds your family.... it's where your friends come to visit and a place to think about being when you are at work. When I got off work tonight (work a little overtime) I was going to work some more at home..... I thought, you know I am getting a sore throat, why am I the only one busted my you know what.... I am just going to doze in the chair and then draw.  I am glad that I decided to do that.  Now I must go to bed to start a new day tomorrow..... thanks for looking and have a great day!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

zentangle after the crash....

Well, there is nothing more fun that work and a virus on your computer.... Everything crashed and blew up at work this last week and my old computer got attacked by malware which would turn into a virus and it was 10 years old and not worth paying to have it removed....  I have been trying to explain to my husband that we needed a new computer so.... woot woot I have a new and faster computer.... we will be current for a month.
Any how.... finished a new zentangle.....

I do enjoy now it takes my mind off of the daily grind. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

craving a stamp and painting

On Saturday I started painting on some canvas and carving a stamp to use on the canvas....  this is the stamp I carved:

This is one of the canvas that I did, I put acrylic paint on the stamp and then "stamped" on to the canvas.  The imprint was light so I traced around the design with a sharpie...

My next one I used light molding compound with the acrylic paint and it stamped better:

My next step with these are to do some more painting and incorporating other elements that I have.  I hope to work on this tomorrow after work....  Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 15, 2010

zentangle revisited...

Sometimes your job takes up to much time into your personal life i.e. overtime and what that does is takes time from you and what you like to do. Yesterday was ended up being what I will call a sh*ty day and so I came home and needed to do something so I played around with one of my previous zentangles digitally and came up with this....

I had to down size the pixels because it turn out to be a big file but, I think it came out pretty cool...  it made me forget about my sh*ty day.... well had a half day plan to take off from work today and I have turned it into a full day.... life is to short to let work affect you and take it home.  So, I am going to leave work at work today and do some fun things today like getting my hair done and make a present for my Dad who turn's 80 next week!  Thanks for looking! 

Friday, January 8, 2010

Zentangle #1 for 2010 has been completed...

Zentangle #1 for 2010

I had posted this before I filled anything in. On my flight to and from Boise, ID to Denver CO I completed my Zentanlge #1 for the year. (oh and lucky my travel did not stop me from watching the Fiesta Bowl and seeing BSU win!!! Go Bronco's!)  Now the next thing that I have done is created new "version" with my Corel program and I am going to print these out on fabric... or at least that's my goal.... here are my other versions of my Zentangle #1:
Version #1:

Version #2

Version #3

Version #4

When I first drew my Zentangle I did it with the intention of manipulating it in Corel. The designs seem like endless possibilities....
Well it's been a long week.... thanks for looking!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

zentangle fabric turn into a bag....

Zentangle fabric... I printed my zentangle on to kona white cotton prepared with Bubble Jet. I then started making a bag.

Here is my bag.... made the pattern up as I went along sewing...
Here is another view of my bag....

Of course you have to have pockets.... (not the best picture of the inside)

It took me a couple of days to complete it... I am going to Denver tomorrow so it is going to come in handy for traveling with...  room for work stuff and my drawing journal.... charging my Ipod so I can listen to music and doodle.... I am going to do some more on fabric... going to try a different cotton the next time..  Thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zentangle #1 for 2010

Happy New Year! I was busy yesterday going creatively nuts creating…. Printed a couple of my zentangles on fabric (will take picture today); prepared 3 canvas piece to paint on and possible create zentangles on them; trying a technique using school glue on fabric as a resist and started working on this zentangle which is pictured above…. Going to run to the fabric store and art store to finish up one of my "creations" and then will take photos…. Thanks for looking!


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