Saturday, January 23, 2010

zentangle after the crash....

Well, there is nothing more fun that work and a virus on your computer.... Everything crashed and blew up at work this last week and my old computer got attacked by malware which would turn into a virus and it was 10 years old and not worth paying to have it removed....  I have been trying to explain to my husband that we needed a new computer so.... woot woot I have a new and faster computer.... we will be current for a month.
Any how.... finished a new zentangle.....

I do enjoy now it takes my mind off of the daily grind. Thanks for looking.


  1. Love your Zentangle. I love doing them myself.

  2. 10 year old computer??? That thing musta been like jurassic park! That's like pre-milleniumin!
    What did you have on it, Windows 78?
    Your zentangle looks great. After you get to about #100 you should create a little 2 x 3" flip book with'd be fun to see your progression in fast-motion.

  3. Hey Deb... I know.... at least is was windows xp... Great idea to do a flip book.... I think I may do that!

  4. My computer crashed this week, too, so I am creating... differently.

    And maybe I can blame THAT for my current project.

    Love your zentangling!

  5. Congrats on the new computer - and love the Zentangle :D



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