Sunday, September 30, 2012

Class calendar complete....

My daughter is a first year teacher and I made her a calendar for her classroom and here is the finished piece:

I did layers to make the background by painting and using bubble wrap, spray paint (using the Tulip fabric paint cannon - great product!), masking technique and makers. I also did the months and numbers digitally using my Corel photo program and then of course everything was then laminated after printing.... then cut out and the use of wonderful velcro to make everything stick! It was so much fun to make.

Thanks for stopping by and looking...

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Liberate Your Art... postcard swap

Kat over at Kat Eye Studio has hosted a postcard swap called Liberate Your Art. I participated last year and again this year. Here are the lovely postcards that I received this year:

Starting from the upper left corner to right these are the artist:  Marji ThompsonMarilyn Lamoreux, Julie C Phillipps, Deborah TischValerie-Jael and from Kat our hostess. They are all so wonderful and in this day and age of technology, it is fun to get something in the mail. If you want to see more... come join the blog hop and see a great collection of postcards that were swapped. 

Thanks for stopping by.... of to work I go.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Creative fun making a classroom calendar...

Recently while I was off of work recovering and my youngest daughter got her first teaching job as a fifth grade teacher. I always knew that teachers had a lot of out of pocket expenses but didn't realize how much until now. One of the things that a classroom needs is a calendar... well we couldn't just have one of the blue deals that you slip the month and dates into a plastic pocket right? Not when you are artsy crafty.... so here are a view pictures of the beginnings of a classroom calendar....

I started off with a large deep canvas and this screaming green.
Some thought "oh my" not so good....

Next came the layer of purple and texture using saran wrap.

Then I cut out squares of a film to create a mask (I tried painter's tape first
and did not like it). I then spray painted a turquoise (I created the spray
paint my self using a deal the Tulip puts out, I will have to take a picture). I then
used white paint and bubble wrap for more texture.

This is a close up that shows the masking off of the squares and painted texture.

I have to run to work now so I will post a picture of the finished product and the Tulip spray paint deal later on....  thanks for stopping by and looking!


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