Monday, October 31, 2011

flying lessons.... blog hop

Fly and soar with new wings....

Grow and create and live!

Believe in yourself!
Earlier this year I purchased an e-book by Kelly Rae Roberts... it was based on her e-course Flying Lessons... later in the year she decided to offer the course again and I signed up. Now I had read the e-book from cover to cover already and  was very excited about the course. One of the reasons I wanted to take this course was because I was becoming very unhappy at my work, missing being in a creative environment (used to own a quilt shop) and wanting to start a new business that I could supplement my income when I retire in a few years or so. In the past couple of years I have gotten my creative grove back (it had been lost for about six years) and with that my drive to do more with my creativeness... One of the best things that I have gotten out of this course is the friendships that are being developed in our group... and in this group we are doing a blog hop. I have gotten wings to fly and start heading on this path and the encouragement and kinship that is growing with this wonderful group is amazing.  So go and take a tour and see the talent that abounds in this group. 

And as always, thanks for stopping by and looking!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

a little bit more done....

Just a quick post... I have gotten a little bit farther on my fabric and I tried taking the pictures in outdoor light. Outdoor light does work better. The colors look like they do in person. I am in a group and they gave me some great tips (thanks gals!). I can't wait to finish this and turn it into something. 

Well gotta run, time for dinner. Thanks for stopping by and looking!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This past weeks creative endeavors...

This week and the last have been quite challenge with a lot of changes going on at my work which has sent me down to "my" room to work on my latest fabric as I call it and trying out something new with a soda can. I read somewhere and I am sorry I don't remember where I read it but, you can take a soda can and carefully cut it open (and wear gloves) and then you can use the aluminum for ummm what I did... I purchased a little kit called: Walnut Hollow Creative Metal Supplies - 8pc/Mini Tool Kit. I used one of the ball points to write Dream in the metal. I need to improve but not to bad for the first try. I have decided I need to learn to take better pictures of my work. I am loving how my fabric is turning out, can't wait to finish it to turn it into something.

Time to go cook some dinner for the hubby. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What I have been working on...

I have been working a new project, posted last week about it... It is inspired by one of my zentangle drawings. I am working a fabric, painting a zentangle and also will (I think layer some pieces). Here are some photos of my progress:
I painted on the fabric, embroidered and then used some puffy paint. 

Using ink I drew in some more shapes.

I added some color and drew some more shapes.
Painted more colors...

Drew another shape and auditioned my triangles out.

One of my journal pages I added too.

Part of my design wall...
This past week was long like the week before at work. We have lots of changes going on and this next week will prove to be crazy and long too.  I am thankful for my creative outlet. I will work some more this week on my various pieces. If I get a chance I will try and post a few pictures. 

Thanks for looking and I how you have a great week!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Progress on newest project....

The past couple of weeks have been quite busy... Week off from work: my Mom having surgery, trip to Las Vegas, back to work, youngest daughter having a fund raiser for a mission trip she is trying to go on with YWAM and a few minutes to work on my art...

Picture of my work area along with the important cup of java...

Another shot of my work area....

The project....

This project is very much at the beginning stage, I always figure it out as I go. I guess I work intuitively. I am hoping that this week I will find time to work on it after work. I love just working on something without having a plan. On thing that I have been doing good at lately is writing my morning pages. It is very good for ones soul.

Thanks for stopping by and looking!


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