Monday, October 3, 2011

Progress on newest project....

The past couple of weeks have been quite busy... Week off from work: my Mom having surgery, trip to Las Vegas, back to work, youngest daughter having a fund raiser for a mission trip she is trying to go on with YWAM and a few minutes to work on my art...

Picture of my work area along with the important cup of java...

Another shot of my work area....

The project....

This project is very much at the beginning stage, I always figure it out as I go. I guess I work intuitively. I am hoping that this week I will find time to work on it after work. I love just working on something without having a plan. On thing that I have been doing good at lately is writing my morning pages. It is very good for ones soul.

Thanks for stopping by and looking!


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  1. These look like pieces of cloth. Wondering what you have planned for them?
    Sounds like you've been very busy! Morning pages are a great way to start the day. Hope you have a really good week ahead. :)

  2. Yes i agree. Morning pages are the key to keeping my art going, whether it is writing or sewing. Can't wait to see it progress. xoxo Terah



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