Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Out of commission....

I have been out of commission for a few weeks... had some surgery (girl stuff) a couple of weeks ago and I am getting back to normal... or at least my normal. I am amazed at how it has zapped me but, I thought in the next few weeks I could catch up on some posts and show you somethings I did before my surgery and some things that I have been working on in between resting.

I started an on-line painting class at the end of July. I have a couple of more canvases that I did....

I learned how to use some different brushes and create the background

learning different techniques for to create a background

added paisleys (in the lesson it was fish) 

I used bubble wrap, made my own stamp.... not finished

I have learned quite a bit, need to finish watching more of the class videos. This class is by Kelly Hoernig who is in my Flytribe Group. I am working on a new canvas making a classroom calendar for my daughter who has her first teaching job Yeah!

Thanks for stopping by and looking!


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