Tuesday, March 19, 2013

overtime = new sewing machine...

One benefit of working overtime is saving a bit of the extra pay and buying a new sewing machine which by the way was in the nick of time... my Viking #1+ died... I went back to owning a ta-dah....

I owned a Pfaff years ago and have gone back to this brand...

I even made the extension table for my machine.

I am so excited about sewing again... I finished a shirt I started over a year ago, cut out a new one which is process and have a few other pieces of clothing I am going to make. After I am done with some garment sewing it is going to be time to quilt! I have a lot of projects that are in the piecing stage and a lot of quilt tops to finish. 

Hi Ho off to work I go... thanks for stopping by and looking.


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