Sunday, August 28, 2011

Journal page complete...

I finished another page in my journal...

I have pages that I have the background prepared already so that when I am inspired, the base is there to start creating. This page reflects a journey I am on... A journey that feels as though big changes are in the air. I was inspired by the e-course Flying Lessons and some words I read: focus on the right fit. Right now work has been a struggle... 8 years in a non-creative environment and it is time for a change. Working back in a creative environment... Getting my life back.

Thanks for looking...

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap... Blog Hop!

The postcard swap is done and I sent 5 postcards (you can see them here) and received 5 beautiful postcards in the mail:
I am not sure where this one came from?

Ashley Sisk

Jen Erb

post card from Carolyn in Idaho 

Petra Kern
I really enjoyed participating in the swap and making connections with other artist and to receive beautiful artwork. I was like a little kid waiting for the mail to come everyday to see what I received. These days we really don't get much exciting mail, no one really sends anything by snail mail anymore. It is kind of sad.

Thanks to Kat for organizing all of this, what a big endeavor! Job well done!

I must be off to work, thanks for looking.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Creative Saturday morning....

One of my favorite things to do when I get up on a Saturday morning is (after feeding the dogs) make a pot of coffee, go to my sewing room, put one of my favorite movies (listed on the side bar) that I have watch about a hundred times and work on a project. Today I worked on my journal, and as I started to get my supplies out I had a big laugh. I had recently went on a road trip with my daughter to visit my S-I-L and while my daughter was driving I worked on my tangle. When I was done I left my pencil case on the dashboard... Well I opened up this morning and went whoops...

I should not of left my pencil case on the dashboard. I am going to run to the art store to get another... Here is the progress on my journal...

I have been busy trying to keep up with the e-course I am taking and my Moira ing today is a reflection of this... It is wonderful and the feeling of community is wonderful. I started blogging from reading Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts... I wonder where this will all lead...

Thanks for looking, have a wonderful weekend!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

working on backgrounds, my last postcard, and a few photos...

My last postcard fromt the trade from Petra Kern

I have been working on some new backgrounds for my journal and I have also been working on painting canvas pieces for maybe making another bag. I was very excited to receive my last postcard from trade. Petra Kern's work is lovely, I really love it. Check out her site you will like it,

I also took a few pictures of the sunsets in the past couple nights... It is just so breath taking, I love taking these photos. My last picture is of our '65 GTO. We went to a car show today and I liked how the car had the reflection of the Thunderbird and Coupe next to us. We will see what tomorrow brings, thanks for looking!

Monday, August 8, 2011

post cards and a new tangle...

working on tangle in the car on a road trip....

scanned in after got home...

postcard from Ashley Sisk, North Carolina (

post card from Jen Erbe (

post card from Carolyn in Idaho

I must say that receiving these postcards has been so much fun. In the day and age of technology it is still fun to receive something in the mail. I am waiting to receive one more... are they not just lovely. I started a new tangle while visiting my sister-in-law. My next step will be to add some color. You should of seen me traveling with my little green suitcase from the 70's with some of my art supplies. It worked out great.  I am so excited, I started an on-line class Flying Lessons by Kelly Ray Roberts. I purchased her e-book at the beginning of the year and I have been waiting for her to offer this course again. It is the only time this year.

Well I need to wrap up and let my daughter use the computer for a lesson plan... happy creating and thanks for looking!


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