Monday, August 8, 2011

post cards and a new tangle...

working on tangle in the car on a road trip....

scanned in after got home...

postcard from Ashley Sisk, North Carolina (

post card from Jen Erbe (

post card from Carolyn in Idaho

I must say that receiving these postcards has been so much fun. In the day and age of technology it is still fun to receive something in the mail. I am waiting to receive one more... are they not just lovely. I started a new tangle while visiting my sister-in-law. My next step will be to add some color. You should of seen me traveling with my little green suitcase from the 70's with some of my art supplies. It worked out great.  I am so excited, I started an on-line class Flying Lessons by Kelly Ray Roberts. I purchased her e-book at the beginning of the year and I have been waiting for her to offer this course again. It is the only time this year.

Well I need to wrap up and let my daughter use the computer for a lesson plan... happy creating and thanks for looking!


  1. I love your Zen Tangles. I want to try it now. I also want to try it with my sewing machine. Like a free form embroidery zen tangle. Have you tried anything like that? Terah

  2. Can you believe it? You received one of my postcards and I also live in Eagle.

    Love your zentangle art.


  3. What fun getting the postcards! It is such a treat to get real mail. I'm an old-fashioned letter writer. Not as many people take pen in hand as they used to.
    Love your zentangles! :)

  4. Love your zentagnles! I've been doing some, butI'm still a novice at it. I was inspired by Sandy and by Strawberry at Art42.

  5. Loving the new tangle and you have received some lovely postcards! Looking forward to seeing the last one. I haven´t been home so don´t know if I have received any as yet...

  6. Lovely postcards and your artwork is beautiful! Great blog, too. See you over at the Flying Lessons course. :)

  7. Thanks everyone! Terah... I have been playing around with using them as quilting designs and also trying to design some fabric....



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