Saturday, August 20, 2011

Creative Saturday morning....

One of my favorite things to do when I get up on a Saturday morning is (after feeding the dogs) make a pot of coffee, go to my sewing room, put one of my favorite movies (listed on the side bar) that I have watch about a hundred times and work on a project. Today I worked on my journal, and as I started to get my supplies out I had a big laugh. I had recently went on a road trip with my daughter to visit my S-I-L and while my daughter was driving I worked on my tangle. When I was done I left my pencil case on the dashboard... Well I opened up this morning and went whoops...

I should not of left my pencil case on the dashboard. I am going to run to the art store to get another... Here is the progress on my journal...

I have been busy trying to keep up with the e-course I am taking and my Moira ing today is a reflection of this... It is wonderful and the feeling of community is wonderful. I started blogging from reading Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts... I wonder where this will all lead...

Thanks for looking, have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hello, fellow flyer!! LOVE your journal & your 'woopsie' with the pencil box!! ;-) Did you use a wax resist on your words? I am always trying to determine how to best use the supplies I have and when I looked at your journal, that popped in my mind! I puffy heart it! xoxo Renee

  2. Hi Karen, I like the artwork I see on your blog and I was wondering about your 'header' it a stamp or a hand drawn/embossed zentangle?
    Like to follow your blog and till next time, warm greetz Miranda(Netherlands)

  3. Thanks Miranda! I manipulated a drawing of my zentangle in Corel Photo and used the embossing feature. Pretty fun to do...

  4. Hi Karen, thanks so much for visiting me. Keep Creating and FLYING HIGH!!! Its a great course isn't it! I can hardly keep up and so wonderful to meet people from all over the world too! Shae xo

  5. It may have been an 'oops' moment, but it's a good excuse to buy some new goodies :)
    Love your blog and your artwork :0

  6. I thought I was the only one who left my stuff so wooopsies happen. Repeatedly for me! LOL.

    I love love love your journal. I have been so summered out, I think working on some pages would be such a lovely, contemplative time for me.

    THANK YOU for the inspiration!

    Grateful I found you via CED2011 today.

  7. Hi Karen, I too started blogging after reading Kelly Rae's book and then attending a retreat that she was teaching at! It's been a windy and very interesting road... also just took a zentangle class... really intriguing!! Oh - and thanks for visiting my blog!!

  8. I love how you spend your Saturdays! So creative.



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