Sunday, August 28, 2011

Journal page complete...

I finished another page in my journal...

I have pages that I have the background prepared already so that when I am inspired, the base is there to start creating. This page reflects a journey I am on... A journey that feels as though big changes are in the air. I was inspired by the e-course Flying Lessons and some words I read: focus on the right fit. Right now work has been a struggle... 8 years in a non-creative environment and it is time for a change. Working back in a creative environment... Getting my life back.

Thanks for looking...

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  1. Nice! Yes! Believe in yourself!! :):)

  2. Fantastic - I love the beautiful sentiment of your page :) Believe in yourself!

    I am having so much fun looking around your blog... Wonderfully creative!

    I took Kelly Rae's course last year and found it to be life changing... it was just the kick in the pants that I needed! It sounds like you are enjoying it too :)

    I was so excited when your postcard arrived in my mailbox - the details in your zentangles are absolutely incredible! I can tell how much focus, patience, and dedication goes into them :)

    I look forward to seeing more...


  3. Good luck on your creative journey... I hope it takes you to some wonderful places!!

  4. Hooray! for getting your creative life back.! Terah

  5. Yay for creative lives, and believing in yourself. You can do it! One step at a time...



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