Saturday, August 13, 2011

working on backgrounds, my last postcard, and a few photos...

My last postcard fromt the trade from Petra Kern

I have been working on some new backgrounds for my journal and I have also been working on painting canvas pieces for maybe making another bag. I was very excited to receive my last postcard from trade. Petra Kern's work is lovely, I really love it. Check out her site you will like it,

I also took a few pictures of the sunsets in the past couple nights... It is just so breath taking, I love taking these photos. My last picture is of our '65 GTO. We went to a car show today and I liked how the car had the reflection of the Thunderbird and Coupe next to us. We will see what tomorrow brings, thanks for looking!


  1. It really does look like you have a blast with your journal! :)
    What a pretty postcard. I'll have to peek at her blog.
    I love sky pics!! And that is a great shot of the GTO with the reflections! Great eye, Lady!
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. I love your Zentangles! I am also a fan of Judy Wise, who I noticed you follow. I am signed up for her Hot Wax online course and I can't wait to get started. I didn't get in on the Plaster Studio Workshop online class she did with Stephanie Lee, but I just got the class on DVD. I will have to wait till this class is over to get into it, but again - I can't wait! Fun to meet you in KRR class . . .

  3. I discovered Petra's work in the swap and really love her art. And I love that she's from Slovenia! Looks like you are having fun with your journal pages, and I really love that GTO shot. Great angle!

  4. Came here from the Flying Lessons visit :-) I just love all the different things on your blog... the postcard swap (what fun), the zentangles, the backgrounds, and yes, the sewing room cleanup. Isn't it fun to work in different media and not be limited to just one thing? And I love the GTO photo too!



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