Sunday, June 13, 2010

zentangle #25 - Tear Drops

A week ago this past Friday my friend lost her brother... and this past Monday I was getting ready for work and was thinkg about starting a new drawing before I went to work and a tear drop shape came to mind... and this is how I started and my progress through the week and the final outcome is the last drawing....
and as I progressed... I started filling in the tear drops... thinking of my friend and her loss... and losses that my family has had....

I then decided to add some one needs to celebrate the life of one who has just passed... as tears my be for a sad feeling they can also be for happy memories...

I don't usually add colors to my drawings at this point but for some reason it just called for it and I also had the urge to draw lines to create the look of binder paper...  I used to "doodle" on binder paper....

The color just called to me in this drawing...

The final results....

I found the quote when I was almost finished.... not sure who the quote is from it did not say. I am not sure if you would call this a zentangle but that is what I am calling it. It is a sad thing when you loose some one and hopefully we can always remember the good times and things about them.... as I remember my best friend and when I would spend the night we would read Nancy Drew books by flash light as we were supposed to be asleep....  thanks for looking.


  1. I'm sorry for your friend's loss and yours too. Thank for sharing your process steps on your zentangled teardrops. It is amazing how quickly the designs can start looking so complicated. Very much like our feelings when we lose someone--complicated...

  2. What a lovely way to celebrate a life and a good reminder to all of us to live every moment.

  3. zentangle is fine with me! I like them, very fine lined, lovely.

    I'm sorry for your loss, life is precious and much frailer than we all would like to believe.

  4. So sorry for your's amazing how the need to express our feelings can produce amazing art. Your zentangle tear drops are so pretty--I like the color.

  5. I like these :) Very nice!

    I did a teardrop shaped zen doodle too after my sister died recently. A lovely remembrance yours is.

    I hope your friend heals soon.

  6. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful art.

  7. What a lovely post and a lovely drawing. It was very interesting to watch your drawing evolve along with your thoughts. Thank you!



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