Friday, June 25, 2010

my "journal" mixed media pages or "antiscrapbooking"

This is new for me... I finished my first two pages of  what I thought was going to be a "book" to give to either my brother or sister but.... I have found that I am actually journalling on the page and it is turning out it's for me...  since it is not "together" or finished by any means this is the first page in my journal....  this is a result of the on-line class that I wrote about a bit ago...

and this will be my second page.... If I keep it chronological by age of use in pictures?  not sure will have to see as it I go on....

I added a bit more drawing, paint, stuck the photo down.... when I started to write I realized that this would be for me... and when I thought about when we went to Disneyland as kids it was back in 1965... can I be that old? It  does seem a lifetime ago....  thanks for looking.

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