Friday, July 20, 2012

My July ATC cards for my Flytribe group, Barbie and Skipper

I have been on vacation so it give me time to do art... One thing about magazines is looking back on older issues and finding something you want to try. I was looking at my Cloth, Paper, Scissors issue from September/October 2010 and there was an article about making your own stamps for faux silkscreen so I thought I would give it a try doing my July Flygirls ATC.

Here is my butterfly drawn on a craft foam sheet...

I then cut it out into separate pieces....

(I should of taken some more pictures of the stamping process) Here are the butterflies after I stamped them and painted them and added some detail. I need to buy some more stamps because I had old ones and had to had a little paint to them....

I then did some echo stitching on them....

And then the finished card....

Ready to send in the trade...

One of my favorite blogs is Jamie Fingal Designs - she has fun quilts and her Barbies help her out... I had told her one day I needed to get mine out and here they are... Barbie ans Skipper from the 60's (they were mine that I played with).

I am going to try the foam stamp process again but use a stylist instead of an ink pen to make the indentations, get some more stamps and make sure when I stamp I leave a little space in between. It was fun to bring my Barbie and Skipper out, my sister and friends used to play for hours with them in our backyard making a town. Skipper's dress was crocheted by my Grandma... good memories.

Well, thanks for stopping by and looking. Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

On-line class 5 Days 5 Canvases

I have been taking an online class by Kelly Hoernig, her web site is - this is my first canvas... creating a background:

and here is my final piece:

I have been teaching myself how to paint so it has been great to take this class, I am learning some new things. The pear itself is scrapbook paper, I learned how to use saran wrap to create the background, and how to use a number 6 round brush - painted the leaves and bees with that one... also used molding paste and a stencil. Now I am working in canvas number 2... will post when I have that one complete. I tried to start it after watching the video and had to laugh at myself when I went back and reviewed the video... I have done it backwards... that's what is great about paint, you can paint over it.

Thanks for stopping by and looking... have a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wine bottle torch or lantern as I call it....

I have been trying to squeeze in some projects and actually made one for out side... I started with this:

I purchased from an art gallery ceramic ball/wick, hardware store and feed store the pluming supplies and re-bar post.

And this is how they turned out:

I was inspired by this web site: but had to modify since I didn't want to attach them to the wall.... I love how they turned out.

Thanks for stopping by... have a fantastic day!


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