Friday, January 15, 2010

zentangle revisited...

Sometimes your job takes up to much time into your personal life i.e. overtime and what that does is takes time from you and what you like to do. Yesterday was ended up being what I will call a sh*ty day and so I came home and needed to do something so I played around with one of my previous zentangles digitally and came up with this....

I had to down size the pixels because it turn out to be a big file but, I think it came out pretty cool...  it made me forget about my sh*ty day.... well had a half day plan to take off from work today and I have turned it into a full day.... life is to short to let work affect you and take it home.  So, I am going to leave work at work today and do some fun things today like getting my hair done and make a present for my Dad who turn's 80 next week!  Thanks for looking! 

1 comment:

  1. That is totally cool Karen! Are you using Corel Draw? I don't have that... :-( Looks fun!
    Ya know, 'revisiting' means you have a 'repertoire' of drawings!



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