Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AEDM Day 15 & 16 = zentangle #38

For the past two evenings I have been finishing my zentangle #38. I am also thinking of calling it chaos... I am having a inner struggle with working (my job has become not challenging which is hard for an overachiever)and finding a job that is more creative (may have to start another business). Of course, I have to have insurance so finding another job is not a reality, my insurance and benefits are great and with one kid in college you are locked in. I am ready for my vacation next week to snap out of it and will have happy thoughts about work again. Okay, I will have a little wine with my cheese... I know I am lucky so I will happily go to work now...  Thanks for looking and have a great day!


  1. This is the first zentangle I've ever seen in colour (still sooooo new to this whole art thing) and it's great!

  2. wow, this is lovely. lots of intricate patterns...making your creative life more challenging?! :)

  3. This is really lovely. I like the black and white AND the color version. So cool to see both.

  4. Howdy,
    Zentangle #38 is my fave. Your work is very interesting.

    Would love for you to visit my blog wne you have a moment or 2.




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