Sunday, November 7, 2010

AEDM DAY 5 and 7...

I was able to do art on day 5 but missed day 6 (okay we love college ball (BSU) and our team was playing and the gang came over to watch which means cooking and cleaning) I made up for it on day 7... 

It was a rainy day here so when I got up, I made some coffee and went down stairs to my room. I painted, carved a couple of stamps and started a zentangle... I think I  may work on my zentangle some more tonight.  We thanks for looking! 


  1. I love your journal, I am working on one as well, I find I get lost in it at times. It's amazing what comes out of the creativity.

  2. Boy o boy, somebody sure was busy and creative!! I love the backgrounded pages and the start of the new zentangle especially. WOW!!

  3. I really like your stamps! I tried some lino prints over the weekend for the first time...VERY therapeutic! :)
    I'm totally impressed with how busy you have been!

  4. I know I couldn't keep up with doing something artistic every day. You're really going to town over there! Nice! :)

  5. I love your journal pages. I finally put the Journal Junkies book on hold at the library to look at. Have a good day!



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