Monday, November 8, 2010

AEDM -- Day 8

I worked on my journal page in my sunflower journal....

The next thing I think I would like to do is add some lines to the page and then journal. I think I need to add to the journey the reading of a book I have The Artist Way by Julie Cameron. I started reading it last year but not sure if I was ready if that makes sense. I didn't get to far in the 12 week commitment. I think a am ready this year as I am coming to terms that I don't have to work excessive amounts of hours in my job that it really creates to much stress and I don't need that. Really everyone, thanks for looking, I really do enjoy the comments.... see ya tomorrow!


  1. Nice journal pages!

    I've tried The Artist's Way, too, but never got far in it. I thought I'd try her book The Sound of Paper. I do find her inspiring even if I don't do so well with the commitment part of things.

  2. Great pages! I just started an art journal myself and seeing yours makes me realize I need to get my rear in gear and do more pages for it.

  3. I am at work right now and before lunch I was listening to the Artist Way on my iPod!

    I too started to read the book last year and got stuck. It was the morning page thing. I didn't like them, so I stopped. I gave the book to my Mom. Then I kept hearing all these wonderful thing and I decided to get it on iTunes. The other excersises in the book are great.

  4. I love the Artist's Way. I know exactly what you mean about not feeling ready. My first time through, I skipped bits and only did what felt right.
    I have worked back through it again and was surprised that some of the answers had changed.
    Your book looks great.

  5. Great blog. I am adding more art to my pages as well. I need to also get my buns in gear there's always work to do, but it keeps my minds well. What a joy to read your post.

  6. Love your journal, can't wait to see more. I love altered journals. I am hoping to work on mine more with this project.

  7. I formed a group of friends to do The Artist's Way because I couldn't motivate to do it alone. It was great! We met once a week and shared whatever we wanted to share about it.



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