Tuesday, March 22, 2011

zentangle, fabric and emboridery....

I have been working on a few things....

before color...

adding color....
There is so much change...  change in our worlds... the world... and change in ourselves.

working on painting fabric....

Kat who has a wonderful blog... kateyeview has sent me a couple of her post cards made from her lovely photos. She had posted a comment on my blog from when I posted about my zentangle book markersso I thought I about how she has be kind to send me the post cards I emailed here a couple of my zentangle to color. She did a wonderful job... love it.

colored by Kat

wow... made years ago...

I have been busy for the past few days... rainy days are great for creativity but I do wish the sun would come out... having to use tanning lotion to not feel so glum. Well, anyway... I have started painting fabric again, trying a different approach (painting and cutting out the piece) not sure where it will lead.  When I got home from work yesterday my husband wanted to clean out some shelves in the garage. We pulled down a box and I found the piece of embroidery I did years ago. I think my influence was Cat Stevens for the guy ummm. not sure can't remember. My daughter thought it was funny - did you wear that on a shirt? she asked... some things better left unsaid.

Well, thanks for looking must make my lunch before I head off to work.


  1. I just hopped over from Kat Eye View. She mentioned your blog and your zentangle that she colored this weekend. Your zentangle is beautiful. I've tried it once and made two small pieces. You've inspired me to try again.

  2. Nice zentangle and Kat did a beautiful job coloring in the one you sent her!

    I loved Cat Stevens music!! And he was so handsome. I think he'd have made a good choice for the embroidery--hehe! ;)

  3. Thanks so much for sending me the zentangles to color! They are so much fun, it's very relaxing. Nice to see your new one too!



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