Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crazy weekend... still managed to work on some projects

This weekend started off with our well pump dying.. No water... So the pump guy came out...

We were without water from about 2am until about 5pm. Today helped the hubby spray stuff so weeds won't come up and finally when that was over I ran down to me sewing room and...

Well, I didn't really run... I am a bit sore from moving wood and walking all day... But, I did manage to work on a few things. I painted some fabric and journal pages and tried the Tulip Fabric's like a spray can of fabric paint. It was cool I cannot wait to try some more colors. I also finished a journal page in my sunflower journal and painted some more background pagers in the book. I am so excited that the time changed... Longer days, more daylight to possibly stay up a bit later to work on projects.

Thanks for looking,



  1. I like your journal page! Rachel #11

  2. Now that's an interesting combination of words: Tulip Fabric Cannon. It just struck me as humorous for some reason. But I'm glad you like it! :) Here's to more light for creative endeavors!

  3. I love your pages, they remind me of the tissue that I paint for collage. I love that part of the process...the mindless painting and enjoyment of playing with color.

  4. Looks like a busy day. At least you got to have some fun too.

  5. Love the finished layout on your journal and I am soo with you on the time change! The extra hour of sunlight has done a great, great deal for my mood! :-)

  6. Glad you got the pump working again.
    Nice job on the artwork. :)



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