Wednesday, March 16, 2011

zentangle book markers...

The other day I was reading one of my magazines and one of the things I will do if I want to comes back to a page, I will fold the corner, maybe use a post it note, or a scrap of paper to write a note on. Well, I thought I want something better...

I picked some of my zentangle drawings and using my Corel program cropped and merged onto one sheet to create my book markers. I printed them on card stock and cut them out. Now, I can write a note on the back about the article and what I want to remember and stick it in that spot of the magazine to have as a reference. I thought I would share them with you so, if you would like you can download this PDF file (book markers) and print them on card stock and have some book markers too.
Thanks for looking!



  1. I just love the idea of making Zentangles bookmarks!!! How fun!

  2. I make my own bookmarks, too (watercolors and inks). These turned out really well! What a great idea! :)

  3. I've been dying to color in your zentangles FOREVER so I'm going to download these and color away!! Thanks so much. I like your new profile photo too!

  4. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What an awesome idea! I think this will be my crafty play idea this weekend.

  6. I came here from Kat's blog. Thanks so much for sharing. I have new Faber Castel markers and can't wait to try them out with these.

  7. These are awesome! What a lovely idea! I love them.



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