Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some photos and progress on my latest zentangle...

We have been  having some rainy days here in Idaho... On my way home the wind was blowing and the rain was coming down. I was getting ready to cook dinner when I noticed out my front door window the sun breaking through the clouds and shinning bright getting ready to set for the day.  I grabbed my camera and took some shots from my front porch and then from the back of my house, the sky was beautiful... here are a few of the shots....

Front porch shot....

another from the front...

one more from the front

from the back of my house

one more from the back.... the sky is beautiful

progress on zentangle #42

I am really not a fan of the rain but, I am trying to enjoy it more. It always seems so gray out (ha it is isn't!) it just doesn't always make for the best mood. When it does clear up and the sun comes out, it makes me happier. I do get excited to take photos. I cannot tell you how many sky and flower photo's I have. Some day I need to print them out and frame a few to hang in my house.  I have been drawing on my latest zentangle as I watch American Idol. This Saturday I am going to get up and head down to my room to work on painting some more fabric.... may come up for air to go to a car show with my husband. It is supposed to rain all weekend so that does make for creative time. Well, thanks for looking!


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  1. Love the pictures of the sky! I am a sky person--grey or blue or whatever. :)

    I like the "change" in your zentangle. What a good word to focus on. I have to catch up on American Idol. ;)



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