Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trying to accomplish something....

I have been trying to work on something creative all week and work just burned me out... I hate it when I come home from work so drained and tired and fall asleep on the couch. My 25Th wedding anniversary is this week on 11/26/08. I am working on a digital "scrapbooking" page that I am going to frame for my husband. Unbelievable that is has been 25 years..... It took me a while to get our wedding pictures I used in photoshop to adjust right. I am just learning and the original pictures are on the purple side.... I have been on the computer all day doing this and working from home. My computer is so slow... I have to read something in between saving my files and uploading pictures. The elements and papers I have used are from scrapbook graphics. I also made a couple of my own elements too.

I am re-reading Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts.... I am actually keeping a journal where I write down my thoughts. I have already been doing an art journal where I have been drawing and doodling in. I am going to try and work with the clay next.

Well, it's a cold one here in Idaho where I live. I have to take a friend to the airport early tomorrow. I hope the roads are not icy, I think we are having an inversion where we will not see the sun for days or weeks until the rain and or snow comes through...... I am taking some time off of work so that I can maybe work on some projects... the end of the month is soon trying to do art everyday...

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