Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Digital Creation

Well, I have been trying to be creative everyday and create some kind of piece of "art" .... I was up so early on Monday to be at work by 5am and then work till 5pm I seem to be still catching up on sleep... I started making a digital scrapbooking page yesterday and finished tonight. I had taken some pictures of railroad ties other various textures in nature and created my background for the page. I am just learning to use Coral paint shop pro.... I really like using it. The hardware elements were purchase off the web site It is a picture of one of my grandfathers... us kids used to go to my grandparents in Redwood City, CA quite a bit when we were young... my grandfather worked for Levi Strauss and took the train to the City... we would wait for him on the front porch steps to walk home from the train station....

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