Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Progress is being made on my angel...

Progress on my Angel... I think she will be finished soon!

When I am painting I always have pages from old books around and then I use up paint on them when I a finished painting on something. I had a collection of pages that have been prepared.  When I was painting the body of the angel I was thinking of using fabric to make up her "dress" but I was looking at some of my painted pages and some snowflakes I had made earlier in the month and thought that ummmm that is what I am going to do, cut out snowflakes from those pages. That is what I did and put them all over her body. I glued them down with matte medium gel. After the gel was dried I outlined the snowflakes with ink. Next steps, her face and hair, not sure how well that will go, I am not much of a doll maker.

Thanks for stopping buy and looking.


  1. She's coming along quite nicely. I like colorful angels. :)

  2. Thanks... I am very excited about her....

  3. This angel is looking amazing... the dress is going to be very fetching... wish I had of thought to do something like this... maybe next year...xx

  4. She is looking very good. Her dress will certainly stand out from the crowd....for someone who claims not to be doll maker, you are doing a magnificent job:)

  5. I think she's beautiful! What a great idea to use up extra paint on pieces of paper and then use them in another art project! I might just adopt that idea. I love the snowflakes on her. I'm sure you'll do just fine on her face. I'm not very good at painting faces either, so I usually just keep in simple. I look forward to seeing her when she's finished.



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