Monday, December 12, 2011

Angel re-do...

I started working on my new angel tree topper and did not like how it was turning out with the paper mache I was using (I purchased some stuff at the art store to try).  Needless to say most of her went into the trash. I saved the head and the plastic water bottle. Now I have begun anew:

This time I used torn book pages and matte gel medium to "glue" it together. I must say it is turning out much better than the last. I meant to take a picture of my failure but I didn't. Well I think I am off to a better start that before. I need to get this done so I can put up my Christmas tree.

More to come and thanks for stopping by and looking.


  1. I've had some big flops in my day--LOL! But, like you, I just keep going. :):)

  2. I love how you saved the best parts and then got going with materials that you know and love. This angel will have a very personal touch.



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