Wednesday, April 6, 2011

zentangle #43 in progress....

I feel like I fell of the edge of my creative world... but tonight I managed to work on my latest zentangle:

It seems that spring kinda of here... (may get snow tomorrow) so there has been some cleaning going on in the garage, the barn and one more tree cut down. The tree was about 18 years old and the last on that had to be done... after getting the chain saw wedge in the cut (my husband was cutting) and I had to climb up into the tree to figure out how to get it out and indeed may I say that at 52 I can still get into a tree. Ha! One rope later and my husband pulling on it while I was in the tree holding the chain saw, the LARGE branch came crashing down. When we got that huge limb cut up there still was a tree to cut down. So this morning I searched on Google and found great directions on how to fell a tree so while I was at work the tree came down. Yippy it's done!

Now that it was done while I was at work, tonight I had a chance to do a little bit of drawing on my zentangle. This is the one that I play around doing the repeat on. I have actually changed some of the design. I need to do some more details and then I am going to try and do a repeat design with it again.  I also purchased some new things to try... Transfer Artist Paper by Lesley Riley and Lutradur. If my husband forgets about cleaning out the attic this coming weekend, I may get a chance to try them out along with practicing with my ruling pen. Which I hope to share more on...

Well thanks for looking!


  1. Wow! The zentangle seems pretty tame after climbing and felling trees!! I swear a person can find anything on the internet these days. :):)

  2. I have my fingers crossed for you that the attic will be forgotten this weekend. And the internet - the most wonderful source of information! For Thanksgiving we looked up the best way to cook a turkey without a bag, how to make a pumpkin pie without condensed milk, and found a stuffing recipe with fresh sage (after my husband bought fresh instead of dried). It was the best Thanksgiving meal ever!!

  3. Love the new zentangle - like the curlicue-ness of it. And the experiments with repeats!



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