Sunday, April 24, 2011

zentangle #43 finished...

I have finished another tangle....

I was going to do some coloring on it and decided not to. I like how "light" and "airy" it is and decided not to... I liked how it turned out. This is the one that I played around with doing a repeat design on the computer.  I am actually going to try another but not in my journal. I am going to draw it on a piece of paper so it will be easier to do the process.

I have also joined Liberate your Art postcard swap over at The Kat Eye View. I am excited to receive and send postcards of artwork. It will happen in July... check it out.

Happy Easter everyone... I need to get ready to go to church. Then my family is getting together.  Have a beautiful day!



  1. I do love your artwork and that zentangle is awesome! Thankyou for sharing about Kat Eye View, I have now signed up too and also cannot wait to send and receive them.

  2. This new one turned out beautifully dearie! Go you! Hope your Easter was amazing and fun.
    Saw your post about your sister-in-law fighting cancer. I would appreciate the opportunity to pray for her, if you'd care to flickr-mail me her name.

  3. I love this one too! It is "airy." That reminds me - I've been so busy I haven't finished coloring the second zentangle you sent me. I think I need to get on that. Thanks for joining and sharing about the swap - come enter today for the giveaway. You've met all the requirements to enter three times!



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