Sunday, January 2, 2011

zentanlge #40 and sketchbook challenge

Happy New year! It's time for a new start or I should say continue what I have been doing with the addition of reading The Artist Way and following along for twelve weeks and reading Simple Abundance. I tried reading The Artist Way in 2009 and the beginning of 2010 but wasn't mentally ready but, I am now. I finished my zentangle I started a couple of weeks ago. I got some Inktense colored pencils for Christmas which I used along with water color paints and crayons. I used my new sketchbook for some doodles which I am using for the Sketchbook Challenge. So, I now have three journals going which is okay by me for different "moods" I might be in. Well... Time to hit the hay, almost midnight here. Thanks for looking!


  1. Your Zentangles are lovely! I enjoy doing them, too. There's just something soothing about making them. nancy

  2. The Zentangles are fabulous. Looks like I even find some hints of your beads there, too!
    What kind of sketchbooks, are the red ones? They look square. . .



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