Monday, January 3, 2011

1/3/2011 - day off from work.... creative day

There is something to be said about an extra day off from work....

Beads I made from air dry clay

Painted beads...

I loved this picture I found in a magazine!

Strung my beads and added to the page...

I think it's finished!

As I started working in my room today I figured out that there are reasons why I don't throw things away contrary what a husband might think one should keep. I keep a lot of things that I think might come in handy like the small cork board that I pinned my beads into. I made the beads out of air dry clay by Crayola. I have only tried a bit of it with the beads I made and want to try more. My tin is full of somethings I did for future projects.

I strung the beads on a small gauge wire and twisted the wire in between each one. I glued the beads in place on the page. I loved the picture I found in a magazine that was an add. She is very expressive. It is like set me free woo hoo! I guess I am ready to rid myself of some baggage, you know baggage you carry around from your childhood. Junk in the trunk that I don't need any more.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love her!!! She speaks to me. She is like a red-headed goddess warrior woman. She is screaming. I SET MYSELF FREE!!! Or maybe that is just me shouting to myself. My word for 2011 is FREEDOM. Xoxo. terah

  2. I loved it!! And that green suitcase - looks like a set I bought from Fingerhut way back in the early 70's!!

  3. Trece it is a Fingerhut, I got it at a second hand store...isn't fun and they come in handy for storage.



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