Wednesday, December 23, 2009

zentangle, pictures, busy...

Zentangle #22 altered digitally

Zentangle #22 altered digitally

Zentangle #22 altered digitally

Original Zentanlge #22

Deer across the way (it is so cool to have animals like this around)

just finished stomping his foot.... ready to eat dinner

waiting for the ball to be thrown....

the man cave has been taken over for projects...

I made a planner for my husband using old hard back books for covers...

cover page

one of the inside pages I created....

The past few days have been busy getting ready for Christmas. Of course, I waited until the very last minute to do anything…. Including shopping. I have taken some pictures of the deer that were across the way in my neighbors yard… my horse and my dogs… I took the pictures of the deer just this past week and we had no snow and then it snowed just a little bit. I played around with one of my zentangles and did some digital stuff… I need to take the time to print them on fabric and go from there…. I have also been making journals and planners using old books as covers…. I have been off of work this week and luckily it has not felt like it has zipped by for which I am thankful! Need to finish a couple of more things….. Thanks for looking!


  1. More lovely zentangles.

    I really like what you've done to make the planner for your husband.

    Happy holidays,


  2. Fabulous Karen! Absolutely fabulous!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. LOVE your zentangles! Was never really very good at them so totally gave up on them. Yours are fabulous!

    Love the shot of the deer and your horses are beautiful.



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