Sunday, December 27, 2009

new planner with a new zentangle...

Along with the theme of recycle in CED…. I made my own planner for the year 2010 out of an old book (which I am going to read the book that I took the cover off of).

My "title" page is my zentangle #28.....

I used one of my other zentangles that I digitally colored and cropped to use as the page header on my calendar page and note page......

and since I am actually not very good about using planners because they are usually to, umm formal for me I created this page....
It seems a little more causal for my liking... I saw a planner on the internet that used all these "bubbles" to create list of things to do, plan your day etc... I liked the "bubble" idea but not the fact that you had to keep track of so many things.... I can keep track of what ever I like this way... It seems like since I don't have to keep track of everything my kids are doing for school/sports/dances and not running my own business anymore I have relaxed a litte to much on keeping track of my appointments.  My farrier knows all to well as I call him the day before an appointment to come trim my horses feet but I can't remember but have a hunch... maybe I will do better at keeping track of things this next year!

Time to close.... have to get to bed so I can be ready for work tomorrow... been off since 12/18 and not ready to go back...  thanks for looking!


  1. Love the book, love the title, love your zentangles.


  2. What a great idea! I have a blank journal I've been wondering what to do with. It might just be perfect for something like this! Yours is great!

  3. Oh, wow. A 2010 Zentangle. I haven't done that yet. Thank you for the inspiration... yay.

    Planner - check.

    Zentangle - about to check... tee hee hee



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