Sunday, October 25, 2009

Zentangle #8

Sunday evening and quite the weekend… went into my sewing room yesterday to change the filter in the furnace. Of course I have the access blocked with boxes of fabric, stuff and more stuff. In the process of moving things out of the way in the closet to get to the filter, I actually cleaned out a few things. I was able to move some cart things out of the room and in the closet when I was done changing the filter. I am now able to have my ironing board tucked into a space and not sticking out so that when I walk by I almost knock the iron over plus everything stack on it. During the evening, I drew this zentanlge watching a college football game.
Again today I was in my sewing room thinking, okay it is time to get your you know what in gear and finish one of your many projects.
You see, I used to own a quilt shop and so, I have lots of quilt tops and some projects not yet finished… one of them being a hand appliquéd block of the month call A Country Journal. I only have a few pieces (maybe 20 - 25) left to appliqué before I can put the top together. I closed my shop just about seven years ago before our family trauma started (husband loosing job after 29.5 years) and I have had a severe block about the thought of quilting, the desire to quilt, anything about quilting. I haven't wanted to have anything to do with it up until now. I think doing the other artful things I have been doing has helped, especially the zentangles…. I will have to take a few pictures of the blocks and post them. It will be nice when I get it completed….

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  1. The zentangle is cool - and I'd love to see the quilt blocks!



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