Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another GTO picture....

I finished another painting.... the center of our GTO... the Pontiac symbol. Next is the grill with GTO on it. It has been fun doing this, I get better at painting every time I do something (at least I hope I do). I am glad it rained today, went in my sewing room and finished the painting. I wanted to sew a new top today but didn't get to it. I need to make a list of things I want to accomplish, I feel that I am wanting to do to many different things and cannot focus. My goal this week is to get my thoughts and want I want to get done written down and stay on track....


  1. I hear ya girl! I was thinking I needed to work on a list as well so I can accomplish tasks and attempt to live a balanced life! Thanks for the reminder...I'll do it today!

  2. I need to make lists sometimes too...otherwise I get so busy thinking about what I want to do that I flit about and don't really do anything!

    I'm not a very scheduled person, so any kind of routine never lasts with me!

    Like your GTO painting!

  3. Fantastic work coming from a self-taught artist. Well Done!

    I'm also self-teaching to doodle at present. Have you heard of Zentangles? If not, head over to their website:

    It might be of interested to you (or not).

    Again, well done and thanks for sharing. :D

  4. I'm not sure what GTO means, but that painting seems to reflect the meaning behind it well and I can just appreciate it within it's own right.

    I understand about having a lot of things on the mind, and being enthusiastic to do them all. I think it does help to write them down, through purpose and good intention. I also think that it helps to relax, and just go with whichever experience you feel to go first, and you'll know in direction as you'll feel it too.

    Kind Regards

  5. i love the vibrant red of your painting!



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