Sunday, October 11, 2009


For this weeks crowabout challenge I decided to use fabric and paper... I took certain items off the collage sheet that I liked and printed them on fabric. Using a piece of canvas, I started building my collage. The horse in the pictures is mine, Tex.... I used a card from a cowgirl game I have and some stamps I made myself and of course fabric from my stash.... I love Sunday mornings, that is usually when I get one day of the week to be creative without interruptions. My goal is to make more collages using canvas and turn it into a journal by stitching them together....

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  1. I left a comment on Flickr, but had to stop by to read your post. This piece is magnificent, beautifully done and soooo darn creative! I can't even begin to imagine how wonderful a journal would be made up of your gorgeous work. Hugs, Terri



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