Sunday, January 11, 2009

About time...

It is about time I get something on here... This past week has been nothing but a frustration with my computer.... I think I need to get one of those books Computers for Dummies to figure out some of the issues.. or buy a new one, it is a bit old. I have been reading a few books, doodling in my journal... (from 1/7/09) I always seem to draw paisleys... I do like them.

I also took some pictures that day of a beautiful sunset. We truly do have some beautiful sunsets around here... I did play with some filters on my camera. I really enjoy taking them.

I may have to print one of these to hang in my house.... I have another one printed that I entered in a photo contest that is also a sunset through some different trees. I think I may have a series.... Again it is that time of the evening where I need to get to bed cuz 5:45am comes pretty early and the grind of work starts again!

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