Friday, December 28, 2012

journal page progress... had been stumped...

Here is a journal page that I have been working on for quite sometime....

Sometimes when you try something it really doesn't turn out the way you thought. I started with the background making it too dark and also used a medium that was an watercolor that ran every time I added something onto it. I am going to finish it.... but.... lessons learn and that is why you keep a page in your journal.... at least that is what I think?

Thanks for stopping by.... have a great weekend and a Happy New Year!


  1. I can relate to that! I'm new to mixed media and don't know what I am doing. Sometimes things go haywire, but I keep going. And even if I give up and quit--it's just paper and I can always start on another page. Even when I don't like what I ended up with, I have always learned something to do or NOT to do--LOL! ;) Happy, happy new year!!

    I just saw you have word verification--bummer. :( Just so you know, I still read your blog even if I won't comment. Sorry. Have a fabulous 2013!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rita.... I took the word verification off before and got spammed.... I am glad to hear you come by :)

  2. Hi Karen, When you get in a slump and need a pick me up to get going again . . . Remember this . . . when you get thrown off the horse get right back on and Giddy-Up!
    I'll be back next week to see your finished page and maybe another one, too. This is fun stuff and girls just want to have fun :)
    I'm putting you on my front page blog list . . .
    Be happy . . . and have fun.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)



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