Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, work and fun....

Happy Easter everyone! Have a beautiful day!

I have been trying to find a way to balance working of 50 hours a week and being creative. It is hard! Unfortunately work has been winning. I have been able to squeeze a bit of time in small chunks and work on my screen. Here a few pictures:

Previously I had paint what is "white" now with some purple and pink and really did not like it so, I started tearing pages from an book and applied gel medium and filled in the "white" space and then drew my design. I am much happier with this now. I love the texture and the look of this now. More to come this week...

Thanks for stopping by an looking. Hopefully I will be able to balance out everything and do more art at home and less work...


  1. Karen, you are so talented. I love your blog, love your journals, your cards, and your zen-tangles. I would like to invite you over to my space. I am an artist, photographer, paper crafter, musician, singer, and lover of life. Your newest follower, Connie.
    I would be honored to have you as a follower.

  2. Connie.... thank you so much for the nice compliments. I just visited your lovely blog and am now a follower too. Thank you for following mine...



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