Monday, March 19, 2012

Breaking away from overtime work.... Blog Hop...

I feel like I have been gone, gone from my art, my blog.... I have a new position at work and have been working way way to much overtime - learning curve we will call it... But, I did get a reminder when I was checking out my groups Facebook page about our next blog hop. I then remembered I did take a photo a while back.... it is a blog hop of shoe shots. Now yes I know it is the first day of spring tomorrow but, I took this a few weeks ago and tomorrow we are supposed to wake up to the same thing:

Yes, we are to get snow... Last week I had to travel to Tulsa for work and it was in the 80's, got a nice task of summer and come back home to cold weather... I may be wearing my snow boots tomorrow and not my nice new wedge sandals. Come and check out some more Shoe Shots - on the Flytribe Blog Hop!

Thanks for stopping by and I will try and get back into posting more frequently again and not let work consume my time...


  1. Crazy weather! Love looking at your boots in the snow.

  2. OOOOOOOH...Love the boots, but so glad it's not me in the snow!

  3. Wow, snow. I hope you warm up soon. We didn't get any snow this year and I'm not complaining, either!

  4. Hopefully by now, the snow is gone and it is more spring like there!

  5. I hope the snow will melt and Spring will arrive! I have to say though that I like the boots - a lot!

  6. Wow! Look at all that snow. Cute shoes though, if you have to be out in it. I love the sound of crunching snow under my feet.



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