Thursday, January 26, 2012

here is another project....

Oh yes, you can never have one project at a time and here is another one I have going...

What is this you ask... well this is going to turn into a screen to block the entrance to my downstairs. I have a dog name Emmett who sometimes has '"accidents" downstairs and I don't want him to go down there anymore without me. I have this ugly old gate thing across there now and he is petrified of it because it has fallen down. I don't what a child's gate so, I decided I am going to make a screen, paint it with artwork (maybe a zentangle or paisley or two or both haven't decided). Now I like to use power tools so I got out the skill saw, measured and cut on the back of my truck. Now the next steps are to gesso the boards. More to come on this project.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting!


  1. Clever idea!! It will be much prettier and I bet yours won't fall down, either!
    What is it about dogs sneaking down into basements to do their business? Well, I've heard of some cats doing that, too. Must be something about basements. ??
    Be waiting for pictures! :)

  2. Brilliant idea of putting your art to good practical use.



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