Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Flygirls ATC's and snow....

I got my ATC done for a January trade a bit late.... here they are:

and then there was snow...

The theme for our group this month was Dream... Doing ATC's are new for me, I love the challenge it makes you stretch. This next month is Love and I need to get busy on them because they are due here in a few weeks, can you believe in a few weeks it is going to be February. 

We finally got our first snow fall. Typically it doesn't snow down here in the valley but in the mountains close buy it does but even the mountains have not had any snow. The ski resort might get to open in a few days now....  I know it wasn't a lot of snow to move but, to have my driveway cleared off is nice. This is the first year we have had a tractor and for 19 years we have shoveled this driveway by hand, I am now doing the happy dance because I didn't have to do that! Yippy! 

In a few days I am hoping to post about a couple new projects I am starting... one is making a screen (sort of speak) to block the downstairs entrance from the dogs and I am making a pattern out of an old button down shirt I love and hope to show you how you can take a garment you love and make a pattern out of it. 

For now, it's time to close and go to bed... thanks for stopping by and looking...


  1. Your ATCs are so bright and colorful!
    I actually wish we had that snow. We haven't had much of anything so then there's little insulation for the below zero temps. The ground freezes farther down and then people have troubles with septics and pipes and such that normally wouldn't be freezing.
    I hope you show pictures of the sewing project. :)

    1. Rita I hope you are keeping warm... This is our first snow since last winter... Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love the colors on your atc. They are fun to make, dont you think.
    There is no snow in Holland, only rain, dont know whats best :)

  3. Those ATC cards are wonderful!! Love the quotes.
    And those dogs are having so much fun in the snow, i can tell!
    (bonus that you no longer need to shovel that driveway!! Whew!)
    happy CED! xoxo

  4. Love your snow pics...send some snow over here!

  5. I like the colors in your ATCs, my favorite is definitely the last one. We had snow too - not that much but still a nice diversion.



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