Friday, October 22, 2010

zentangle 37 and silliness

I have been working on a few thing along with watching the play-offs and hoping the Giants make it to the World Series....

I am working on making a journal for just the Creative Everyday Month in November... I am painting a cover and making signatures and not sure how it will turn out but need to finish it by 11/1. This weekend I am hoping to make my neighbors kids some trick or treat bags for halloween... I have some cool fabric by Alexander Henry that I am going to use... should be fun.  Well it's 7:08 and I should be driving to work so, thanks for looking! Happy Friday!


  1. I love how the ribbons wrap around the rays - that is so cool!

  2. Nice sketches! Especially cool fushias (I think that's what they are--not too good with plant names) and I don't think they're silly at all. ;)

    Have fun making the halloween bags and have a good weekend! :)



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