Saturday, October 30, 2010

pictures, trick or treat bags and progress on my new journal

I have been able to do a couple of things... make trick or treat bags for my neighbors kids and snapped some pictures of the sunrise this morning...
Trick or Treat bags for the neighbor kids...
 Sunrise this morning... it was beautiful!
 New journal ... going to use for AEDM
 want to do something else to this but not sure what....
 made my own signatures...
and then when I was taking photos of the sunrise before going to PT for my "tennis elbow" I shot a two minute video of the sunrise and put some music with it, Obiero by Ayub Ogada from the movie I Dreamed of Africa... at the end you can hear the quail...

It was nice to stand outside and enjoy the moment and listen to the quail fly out of my pine trees... it was about 7:10 this morning when I took the pictures.

This has been an interesting week with trying to be creative and dealing with my "tennis elbow"...  It turns out my problem is beyond tennis elbow and my tendon is messed up so, it is hard to write and draw.  It's my right hand/arm and I am right handed.  Started using the mouse with my left.  Physical therapy is rough, they break down your muscle tissues so they can rebuild... thank goodness for ice!  Well need to go to bed and try to sleep with a straight arm... thanks for looking!


  1. I hope your arm is better soon! I can only imagine how hard that would be, not to create. I've switched to left mousing too - for shoulder pain. Get one you can switch the buttons around on, that makes it easier!

  2. I LOVE it that you Zentangle!! You're the first artist I've found who does other work, too. Looking forward to sharing November with you!!!

  3. That arm sounds very painful. I hope it gets better for you right quick! I am lucky that my "bum" arm is my left one and I am right-handed so when it gives me trouble I can still do a lot one-handed. Better soon, I hope.

    Really cute trick or treat bags and the journal is pretty. Hope you had a nice weekend! :)

  4. You are a good neighbor, a good book-maker, and an early riser! Yikes.

    Hope your arm feels better soon.



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