Monday, November 16, 2009

some creative things....

The past few days since my last post, I have been working on my scrapbook project. I have actually put together 2 more pages… there is a little bit more to do to them but, these are a couple of the pictures that I put on the pages. In working with my pictures I can't believe how fast my kids have grown up... it is amazing. The more I use my Corel program the more I learn and figure out how to do things like make my own frames…. It is a lot of fun… I drew another zentangle today. It's funny how you just start drawing some lines and create something. I am contemplating going to bed or trying to stay up till midnight to see the meteor shower ummm not sure… thanks for looking!


  1. I love the scrapbook pages. I am a big scrapbook fan myself and you have inspired me to get a move on on the pictures and acoutrements that have been accumulating over the past week or two. Appreciate those young ones every day....before you know it, they will be heading off to college!

  2. My eldest baby is almost 18. I don't know how it happened, truly.

    Love to see the work you are creating and yes... one line leads to two leads to somehow, more art.


  3. Very nice work!
    I am SO behind in my digi-scrapping; so many projects on the back burner.
    I'd like to learn Corel; I do ok with Photoshop Elements, but I'd like to learn Corel and Illustrator so that maybe what I do can be marketable!

  4. your scrapbook pages are wonderful - I really like them - I am truly in awe with your doodles - they are so fun to look at - they seem to be fun to create - love the b/w look!
    thanks for sharing it all



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