Wednesday, November 4, 2009

art everday... day 4

I started this yesterday had the circle drawn and a sketchy outer rim. Today I really focused on it and at first I didn't like it. Now that I have completed it, I like how my "zentangle" turned out. I started messing with it when I was making dinner and then finished up watching the world series… I love ball and watching it. My team I like is the SF Giants but I enjoyed watching the Philly's and the Yankee's. I totally finished it watching the Biggest Loser that I recorded on my DVR… kept falling asleep and missing the whole thing…. I have also been working on some photo's for a scrapbook I am doing digitally. Will have to upload one to show…. well thanks for looking time for bed to get ready for another day of work!


  1. I love how much can be expressed in black and white....your art is so free :)

  2. The complexity of the designs reminds me of an Escher print. You can really lose yourself in them.

  3. I just love your zentangles; I have been wanting to try to make one, but I am soooooo intimidated by them.

    Yours are so beautiful and so rich....


  4. I was introduced to Zentangles recently, and found them quite addictive. Especially while sitting during my kids soccer practises!

  5. I love your zentangles. It inspires me to make more complicated doodles for my AEDM project. It also reminds me of the study hall and other high school doodling I would do. I understand where the "zen" part is coming from. You really must get in the zone as you're creating these.

  6. I started doing Zentangle too. Mine are not as nice as yours but I'm going to keep at until they are! Thanks again for the inspiration!



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