Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday 11/9/09 zentanlge.....

Here is my zentangle for today… #14 I started off by drawing the eye and proceeded to draw everything in while cooking dinner. I drew lines which in my mind followed a cheek, nose line and even hair… when I started drawing this zentangle I was thinking about day at work today and what a challenge it was in many ways…. Tomorrow is another day and of course, another challenge…. After I scanned in my zentangle/doodle, I decided to play around with it in my corel paint shop pro.
Above is my alteration of my zentangle and it is the chalk effect and below is the enamel effect.

I had read an article in one of my magazines…. Cloth, paper scissors or Quilting Arts (cant remember which) and this gal used her photo program and altered a drawing and the printed it out on fabric. Ummmm might be the next thing I try…. To many things to try. Well, end of the day and I am tired….thanks for looking!

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