Sunday, September 11, 2011

progress on using Lutradur

I have made progress on coloring in my drawing on the Lutradur. I have used my watercolor crayons and Inktense color pencils. I even used a couple of colors I was not sure about but, do like how they turned out. Now I have some ideas in my head on what I will do with this but not sure... I think I am almost done adding color and then ready for the next steps. I did go to the art store this weekend and purchased additional brushes and Inktense colored pencils.

Just a quick post for now, thanks for looking!


  1. Aha! I was trying to remember who it was who had talked about drawing on pellon-like fabric. :) It really does look nice--has a delicate softness about it. Now what do you do with the drawing? Frame it as is? Use it with a mixed media canvas? Mount it on something? Just curious. :)

  2. The colors are beautiful! Wonderful job.



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