Thursday, June 16, 2011

the quilt is finished....

The finished product.

Now I am working on cleaning up and out my "sewing room" starting with organizing my fabric stash...

and then there are quilt tops to be finished....

The quilt was delivered to my sister-in-law on Tuesday and she loved it.  I am so glad that she liked it. I finished it at 1:00am that same day.  I had so many obstacles to getting it done this weekend (I need to go back a few chapters in my Artist Way and read again). Now I am tackling my sewing room; We had to replace our water heater and the power supply for the water heater is behind a wall in my sewing room closet so, I had to take everything out on one side.  My Mom's neighborhood is having a garage sale so I thought it was time to go through stuff to get rid of it.  I have decided I am a fabric hoarder (don't tell my husband) and I cannot part with any of it because I might need it some day. Next are quilting books, I know I have some of those I am going to part with.... I will have to take a picture of the shelf now as they are full. 

I am taking tomorrow off of work so today is my "Friday" yippee! Have a great day and thanks for looking!


  1. Karen, It is absolutely beautiful. I would love to see the look on your sister in law's face when she sees it. Have a great weekend. Fabric Hoarders UNITE!!!!!! Terah

  2. She would have to love it--it's beautiful!

    Hey, we all have our hoarder weaknesses. Mine is craft supplies...oh, and art supplies...and pens & inks...and books...hummm. ;)

  3. This post is titled totally wrong. Is should read, "This quilt is AMAZING!" Wow. If your SIL doesn't fall in love with it (which I am so sure she will and I don't even know her) then she's not all right in the head. You're going to be her #1 fav for sure girl!



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